Eon Altar Wiki

"My name makes kings tremble in the night."

Equal parts determination and ruthless efficiency, Silent Thorn is one of the world's most legendary assassins. She has tracked her most elusive target to Tarnum. When the time comes, will her aim be true?

Style of Play[]

  • Strike from the shadows
  • Precision archer
  • Thiefcraft

Assassin Discipline[]

Reach out and touch someone.

While using assassin discipline powers:

  • Add agility to accuracy
  • Add strength to force
  • Add vitality to defense
Assasin Abilities
1 Assassin Eviscerate Heightened reflexes Monastic training
2 Assassinate
3 Void adept Eviscerate II Yrian Constitution
4 Assassinate II
5 Eviscerate II Perfect balance
6 Shadow form Assassinate III Body conditioning
7 Reflexive strength
9 Night stalker Mind over matter
10 Void mastery

Archer Discipline[]

One shot, one kill.

While using archer discipline powers:

  • Add perception to accuracy
  • Add agility to force
  • Add vitality to defense
Archer Abilities
1 Archer Void arrow Tracking Broadhead arrow
2 Athletic Keen senses Viper arrow
3 Precision Void arrow II Volley
4 Peak performance Viper arrow II
5 Volley II
6 Sight of weakness Void arrow III Broadhead arrow II
7 Relentless Marksmanship
8 Volley III Viper arrow III
9 Paragon of strength Bounty Hunter
10 Child of Darkness

Rogue Discipline[]

Your greatest allies are wit and shadow.

While using rogue discipline powers:

  • Add insight to accuracy
  • Add willpower to force
  • Add perception to defense
Assasin Abilities
1 Rogue Shadowstep Intuition Revive
2 Sleight of hand Shadow priestess
3 Thief's grace Shadowstep II Street contacts Myrthvein vial
4 Trapsmith Shadow veil
5 Shadowstep III Word of Dagaz
6 Tomb robber Scavenger
7 Dark aura
8 Sharp mind
9 Poisoner's handbook
10 On the run